Extended Play is a Non-Profit for socially conscious film and media artists of Pennsylvania with a new focus on Women of Color.


December 2022: Post -production starts on a short documentary for Educators to Africa. They received $10,000 via Extended Play from Independence Public Media Foundation to edit a short film about the 50 year history of the organization.

December 11, 2021: THE PHILADELPHIA ASSEMBLY has made a donation to Extended Play on behalf of SIFTMedia 215 member Eboni Zamani for her work as a local film artist and activist involved in Philadelphia’s Arts & Culture Task Force. We thank Philadelphia Assembly for supporting us as we create a more equitable funding environment in the Philadelphia region.

HERSTORY: In October of 2020 Ann Tegnell and Sharon Mullally decided to evolve their 20 year non-profit organization Extended Play Inc., and partner with SIFTMedia 215 and founders Lois Moses and Nadine Patterson. As part of the year of racial reckoning Ann and Sharon intentionally transferred their non-profit to promote the continuation of Extended Play as an agent for social change. Watch this space for more information on this historic transition.

You can make a tax-deductible donation towards the work of the SIFTMedia 215 collective by donating here through Extended Play. Donations and grants will go towards the operating expenses and programs of SIFT (Sisters in Film & Television) and other projects specified by the grantor that serve Black women filmmakers in making and distributing work.

Below are images from a SIFTMedia 215 initiative called BLACK HISTORICAL LIBERATION DRAMAS. From July 2021 to December 2022, every Tuesday a group of us met to work on our screenplays or treatments, share films, and share insights into our creative process. Participants include, clockwise starting from upper left: Lois Moses (Writer/Producer EPISTLES OF LOVE: THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO EDGAR & CLARA), Marlene and Nadine Patterson (Writers/Producers of THE UNKNOWN TALES OF LEWIS & MARY LATIMER), Adrienne Dolberry (Writer/WILDEST DREAMS), and Martha Conley (Producer/Writer THE UNKNOWN TALES OF LEWIS & MARY LATIMER) .

Board Members


EXTENDED PLAY INC. is a 501 c (3) Non-Profit educational media group which was formed in 1998. We help independent socially conscious filmmakers create content for educational and cultural use on the airwaves, in the classroom, and on the internet.
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SIFTMEDIA 215 Collective

SIFTMedia 215 (Sisters in Film & Television) is a Benefit Corporation and support system of several independent media artists who work in the Philadelphia metropolitan area and provide a community of support for socially conscious women identified filmmakers. Our goal at SIFTMedia is to amplify the work and create opportunities for Black and Latinx Women content creators.