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Check out KNEE DEEP an environmental documentary by Ann Tegnell and Sharon Mullally

Everything you pour down the storm drains end up in the water supply.  And the only way to find out is to check the rivers and streams that empty into the Schuylkill where we eventually get our water.  

— Ed Chun, retired chemist

Through the bitter cold of winter and into a vibrant fall, KNEE DEEP follows volunteers from the Center in the Park Senior Environment Corps of Germantown, Philadelphia. They include a retired bus driver, an amateur paleontologist, ex-teachers, lab technicians, and a Harvard-trained chemist who have all taken on the task of sampling and testing water of regional creeks. When the Corps finds evidence of untreated sewage in the Monoshone Creek, the question arises, ‘How do you get the attention of agencies that can change the situation?’ New political alignments and persistence result in the Philadelphia Water Department investing significant resources to improve the watershed. The generation of long-term data that supports changes in the management of water and waste, combined with a commitment to educating children and communities about the urban environment, is the joyful legacy of the Center in the Park Senior Environment Corps. Not ready to ‘retire’, it is a population – and an audience – that is growing and looking for media that speaks to their concerns.

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